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Native American Dance

Native American dancers

Throughout past generations the indigenous peoples of the Americans have used dance as a key to keeping their culture alive. Dances were used for many purposes, such as ceremonial, story telling and entertainment. In the recent years, Native American social dances have served as a vehicle to bring us into the next generation. Through these dances the younger generation is able to keep a continual interest in their culture.

We are able to provide a variety of dance shows using many of the different dances such as the ones that you will find below. The Native American culture is a living culture. Our people as well as the dances are constantly changing and evolving. These dances have strong roots in history as well as signs of modern influence.

The dances that we share are known as social or intertribal dances. As people of the first nations we belong to a living and growing culture the dances are presented as they are portrayed today at our social events all across the country.


Hoop Dance

The hoop dance is consistently the most requested dance throughout the United States. The hoops symbolize a sacred part of the Native American life. It represents the circle of life with no beginning and no ending. Watch as the dancer begins with on hoop and keeps adding and weaving the hoops into formations that represent our journey through life. Each added hoop represents another thread in the web of life.

Native American Hoop Dance


Native American Eagle Dance

Eagle Dance

The eagle is respected and honored by many of the nations indigenous to the United States. Many nations feel that the Eagle delivers all of their prayers to the creator. Watch as the dancer transforms into this majestic animal as the dance represents the flight of the Eagle.



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